What is the difference between a basic and premium kit?
   The base kit only provides the pre-cut and sanded wood along with the vinyl. This allows you to choose your own paint, and scrapbook paper. For those who want everything included they have the option of ordering the premium kit. With the premium you will be provided with paint, a paint brush and pre-cut scrapbook paper.

How come you don't include mod podge?
    It became very difficult to gauge how much mod podge was required to complete a project. There are many different techniques that use different amounts of mod podge and we felt the best decision would be to leave it up to the consumer to provide that themselves.

I am not good at crafting, are these crafts difficult?
    Each craft comes with a detailed tutorial explaining how to complete each project.

How can I host a party?
   Please visit our 'host a party' tab on the main page for more information

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